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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Google Street View has a Huge Lead

[chart removed]

The above chart shows how far Street View* has gone, compared to its so-called "competition" EveryScape**, MapJack, and StreetSide.

[chart removed]

This chart shows how fast Street View is updating, compared to its "competition".

Google has absolutely nothing to worry about. At this rate, the number of locations by 2015:

Street View - 574 locations
EveryScape - 542 locations
MapJack - 105 locations
StreetSide - 2 locations

*Not including the areas without camera icons.
**Based on main page listings.


Anonymous said...

how about a legend explaining what the other symbols/logos represent? i know the car is from windows live local, but i'm not familiar with the other two.

as an aside, what do you think the likelihood is of your prediction for today's street view update coming true?

Brittany P. Sventon said...

Been watching for a Birmingham update all day. Is it going to happen today?

Brittany P. Sventon said...

Augusta, Georgia and Columbus, Georgia have Google Street View now.

claudia64 said...

Well, it's great that EveryScape and MapJack exist, though. Because they're so small, they've escaped media attention.

MapJack has really sharp imagery and no blurring. Same story, I think with EveryScape. I think it's funny that in EveryScape you can see those parts of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills which were removed at the request of residents and business owners in Street View. Because EveryScape is under the radar, residents and business owners are unaware they're homes are still pictured in another service. Shhh. Don't tell.

jeffreyswindows said...

September 28th is two days past, and still NO Seattle. None of the other eight places to be added, i.e. Honolulu, Talahasee, Washington D.C., ...etc are on either yet.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i've been wondering the same myself. any chance of updating your predictions?

FlagFreak said...

This update might be like the tediously long wait for July 2. Hopefully not, so I just combined North America's and Oceania's predictions. I might also add some European cities later today.

But right now, Google's going to have to surprise us again; I'm stumped. :-)