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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Old Paper

If you haven't noticed by now, Google Maps has gotten a makeover. Along with this, a new feature was added to Street View: printouts!

You can now print directions straight from Google Maps, and a new Street View option has been added. Click it, and those directions will come to life with the Street View image for that step. If you don't like how one image is aligned, you can align it like any other interactive Street View panorama. When it is printed, the Street View is placed in its own box by its step. Sometimes, Google Maps will have two steps with the same Street View. You can turn Street View off for those parts.
This is a very useful feature if you don't have a laptop in your car, which you shouldn't be using if you're driving, anyway. If you come to a spot that's hard to make out, just look at the Street View on your directions page, and you should figure out where to go in no time.

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