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Monday, July 28, 2008

Street View won't Violate Privacy Laws

The Edmonton Sun reports that some parents (like Mrs. Boswell) have spotted their children playing outside their homes, in Google Street View. Like many online newspapers, they claim that "the feature could violate Canadian privacy laws". Could.

This exact same argument was posted all over the Internet, just with the European Union privacy laws. They said the exact same thing: It could violate EU privacy laws.

But it didn't.

Google Street View has already been released in France and Italy, and since it's still online, it has not violated EU privacy laws. Also, there are no new apprehensive news reports regarding the EU privacy laws and Street View.

Google, Inc., has done plenty of research regarding privacy laws everywhere they release Street View. It happened with the Boring couple in Pittsburgh, and it hasn't happened again. We will be able to keep viewing Street View for quite a while, since it does not violate any laws at all. So no need to worry about anything. ;-)

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