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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I CAN Believe It's Not in Street View

Users all over the Internet have many good ideas for Street View coverage. Here are some ideas people have had, and possible reasons why they haven't been completed yet.

  • Honolulu, Hawai'i - Sure, they've done islands like Japan and Tasmania already, but Japan is easy to get to from China, as is Tasmania from Australia. But getting to Hawai'i from anywhere is a very difficult task.
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico - This one's easier to get to, but since it's still a United States territory, there might be some confusion over the privacy laws.
  • Washington, District of Columbia - Security, security, security.


claudia64 said...

I thought Google hires local drivers to photograph the streets? If that's true, I can't see why photographing Honolulu would be a problem. Just ship the equipment and an instruction video, and they're good to go.

FlagFreak said...

That's probably where Google gets the drivers, but someone in the United Kingdom got an interview with a driver (no pictures) who said that the interior of the car was very expensive stuff, which probably means that Google or Immersive Media has to drive the cars over to the location. That could be a problem for the Hawai'ian islands, but you're right Claudia, Google could do it.