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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Street View Conference - Madrid

According to Blog Urbanismo, Google has invited some people to a press conference in Madrid, Spain, at the headquarters of Google Spain. The invitation reads,

"Te invitamos a la rueda de prensa de la presentación en España de Street View el próximo martes 28 de octubre en Madrid."
This either means that the conference about a future Spanish release of Street View is going to be hled on October 28, or that, and the Street View for Spain will be released on October 28.

Keep an eye out for Spanish Street View!


Anonymous said...

You're right; it's a bit ambiguous as to whether the Spain imagery will be released tomorrow or just be the subject of a conference. I hope for the former.

Since tomorrow is Tuesday, and 5 out of the 10 imagery release dates were on Tuesday, there's at least good reason to hope. Would be nice to wake up in the morning and finally view the streets of Madrid.

Speaking of release dates, one thing's for certain - there seems to be no consistency in the amount of time between each release.

claudia64 said...

Street View in Spain has just gone live! Just checked Google Maps and Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Sevilla all have camera icons.

FlagFreak said...

Claudia, you're awesome. ;-)