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Friday, June 5, 2009

Pancake Navigation

Google has released a new smart navigation tool feature called the "pancake". This way, you don't need to continue to click the Street View arrows to get from one place to another; you can zoom across from one point to another. To use it, just hover your mouse until you see a three-dimensional transparent oval or rectangle. Double-clicking it will zoom the Street View to adjust to that specific location. The 3D-like effects are similar to EveryScape's, but you only use them if you want to. If you double-click a rectangle, it will zoom to a view of that part of a facade. It's too amazing to describe in words, so try it out for yourself!

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Here's a video of the new feature:


claudia64 said...

Love the circle for navigating the ground and zooming ahead. Hate the rectangle, though - I wish there was a way to turn it off.

Mr Truth. said...

Cool now IF they complete the rest of the USA it will make this feature even more awesome!!!!

claudia64 said...

Gosh, Mr. Truth, while I agree with you, I'm grateful the U.S. has a ton of coverage, more than any other country covered by SV.

FlagFreak, I'm surprised you haven't mentioned anything about the Google trike coverage in Monterey. I don't know about anyone else, but for me ... this trike project is the greatest thing Google has done with their Street View thing. I can't wait to see the castles and other landmarks they've hinted about for Italy and UK with this project.

Mr Truth said...

Me neither. I've always wanted to see the castles so this is the next best way.