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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Twitter Tracking

It turns out that Twitter is an excellent place for finding Street View sightings. Just searching for "Google Street View car" has revealed that people have apparently recently seen Street View cars in Los Angeles, New York, and Austin–three locations that haven't been reported yet! Since regular blog posts can't keep up with this, a new widget has been placed on this blog's sidebar, "Twitter Car Sightings". Hopefully, it will help us keep up with locations not covered by the media. I'll save the regular blog posts for media coverage.

So, get ready for updated imagery in the United States!


claudia64 said...

Great news about the cars in NYC and L.A. The imagery in both locations is among the worst quality of all the Street View images world-wide, especially L.A. Not sure about Austin - don't think I've ever "visited" there.

Triforce said...

I think Google must be having financal trouble which explains why there hasn't been a major update since December 2008. That probably[ explains their Tricycle thing.

I seem to be the only one in the whole WORLD to notice there hasn't been a major update since then.

I wonder if the UFO Aliens know about the lack of updates?

I wish something would be done.

Triforce (Inside the space ship ranting about the lack of udpates) said...

I wonder if the Aliens use this service from their futuristic computers?

Alien 1: Ohhhh street vice let's see LA!

Alien 2: I'ts too bad that Google hasn't touched the USA since Dec 08. :(

Alien 1: But It's just sooooooooo cool! *Tries searching for Hawaii but no images available*

What!? Where's Hawaii? I want to see what the deal is with Hawaii and why so many Earthlings go there! Grrrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that they are pushing out much larger updates at one time instead of many smaller updates. It seems that driving around taking the pictures would cost more than getting the programing for them. But, who knows. The good thing is we know they have been collecting imagery from a bunch of countries. Maybe thier just looking for something like one release every season, or every four monthes.

In any case I have noticed the lack of updates. But think back at how they would only release just a few cities at a time two years ago. I think thier just doing more now and its taking longer to get it live.