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Friday, May 22, 2009

Google Trike Trying Suggestions

Google has recently released an official website about the "Google Trike" that's been spotted. It turns out, this feature is currently only available in the United Kingdom.

Google is talking suggestions for British locations that people would like to see on Street View but aren't reachable by car. To suggest a location, go to the Google Trike submission form. It's free and anonymous.

VisitBritain is helping out with this new feature. And yes, Google has found someone strong enough to ride it!


TriforceofTruth said...

Darn only in the UK. (sighs) I wish Google will finish the USA first and maybe do Canada before they do that bike thingy.

Can't have too many projects at once or they'll never complete them.

Half empty cups and I am still thirsty.

TriforceofTruth said...

*Warps to Archangel Michal in heaven and complains about Google doing too many things at once, and asks him for Google to just finish the USA first since they came so darn far.

Hawaii anyone?

*grabs Michal's surfboard and waits eons for the street view car so Triforce can be filmed surfing*

Off my soapbox now.

TriforceofTruth (demons who hate this name don't bug me or else!) said...

No other comments?

I think this blog needs more awareness as I am (almost) the only one on the net to know about this place.

This blog isn't mentioned anywhere......even on the ubran whats it blog.

TriforceofTruth (The Anti Satan person) said...

(Digital Urban blog)