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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Street View Holodeck

Some Google employees have built a "Holodeck" that provides an amazing Street View experience. You can read more about it at Google Blogoscoped.


Trifoce (inside the Alien Spaceship) said...

Triforce typing from the Spaceship Computure.

Thanks for the update and I hope you catch the inside jokes in the alien conversation!

Now excuse me since the aliens want to bug me!

Alien 1 : "Ohhhh a holodeck! I wanna go see it!

Captain Triforce can we go to Earth.......Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

Captain Triforce: Sure! Why not it's not like we got anything better to do. *Takes Spaceship to the Google HQ and sneaks in to play with the Holodeck*

Alien 2: "Where's Hawaii?" *tries to find Hawaii with no success*

Alien 1: "Your so obsesse with Hawaii that it's very ascinine. I mean your bed is a hammock for crying out loud and your room is covered with pictures of The Idiot Beach Boys and surfboards!"

"Now excuse me while I go 'Play That Funky Music'

(Hammock picture)

Alien 2: Don't criticse The Beach Boys! They rock and give me 'Good Vibrations' and make me wanna 'Dance Dance Dance'

Alien 1 said...

(Alien 1 to Alien 2)