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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pegman's Tricycle

In San Diego, California, the owner of a bicycle shop discovered a tricycle-like device with the Google logo on it, along with Street View laser cameras. This could be a new form of providing Street View panoramas in areas where cars cannot reach, but my hope is that it means Google is planning to release indoor Street View.

The mystery continues...


claudia64 said...

I can't really imagine they'd a ride a bike as big as that one indoors, but there are many other areas the contraption could be useful: I noticed with disappointment that a lot of European cities have outdoor shopping areas that can apparently only be reached on foot. However, these areas are still wide enough to allow even as fat a bike contraption as the one pictured.

One location I really want to see, close up, is the Leaning Tower in Pisa, Italy, and for that a bicycle would be perfect since you can't get very close except on foot.

For indoors, where not even a bicycle would be allowed - it would probably be more practical to use just one camera. Fantastic panoramas such as those available at appear to be taken by just one camera. It would involve more work once the photos are captured but it's not like they would have to stitch together a bunch of photos like those of the streets.

TriforceofTruth said...

claudia, I don't think they'll even be able to FIT that bike thru the doors of any building.

Anonymous said...

still hoping for google hike view, where someone straps on a helmet cam and grabs 360-degree views of the infinite amount of hiking trails around the country (and the world).

ambitious much?

claudia64 said...

Ambitious to get all hiking trails? Probably. But Mapjack, EveryScape and Daum have photographed some trails. Mapjack has imagery of a trail or two at Yosemite.

TriforceofTruth said...

Google is really overdue for another major update.

The last such one was in December when they did a lot of main streets across the USA.

Wonder what's causing trouble for them.