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Monday, July 6, 2009

Brasileiro Carros estão Aqui

According to Fernando Quadro, Google cars have been roaming Brazil since July 2, 2009. Three states are currently being filmed:

  1. Minas Gerais
  2. Rio de Janeiro
  3. São Paulo


Mr Truth said...

Weird how they have been romaing all these different places yet not one picture has showed up.

Our last update was in December 08 yet the blog owner seems to turn a "blind eye" towards that.

It's okay to be wrong about your update projections.

I've found out in life making mistakes is the best way to learn because you don't really learn otherwise do you?

Unfortuanly this post will probably be deleted by this time tomorrow since it's likely the blog owner can't handle being wrong at all. :(


Mr Truth said...


PS: Perhaps advertising this blog somehow will get more viewers?

This doesn't come up on traditional searches of "street view news" when I type it in.

Anonymous said...

Your completely wrong. There was a MASSIVE update in march. England, Netherlands, Ireland were introduced and nearly all countries got expanded coverage. There have been other periods of 3 monthes before an updat though never longer. The last update was street view for disneyland paris on June 10th so following the 3 monthes that they seem to follow more or less. The next update will be in september.

claudia64 said...

I'm with Anonymous. It's likely the next Street View update will be huge and well worth the wait. The cars have been spotted all over. By the end of the year, we'll likely have more of Europe, as well as Canada, and a little of Mexico and South America.

Thing is - I can't even say I've managed to tour even a tiny, tiny fraction of what's available NOW.

Anyway, love the site, FlagFreak, and good job.

Mr Truth said...

I've come to the conclusion that Street view is some sort of test project for something bigger.

That will explain why some of the image quality is questionable and they showcase cities at their gloomiest time of the year or the driest time when the ground is all blah.

I bet someday they will announce a use for it that will STUN is all and this is just a first step to see how well things go and the publicize responses.

Also when I mentinoed lack of updates I mentioned MAJOR updates cause I sworn I read somewhere that Google hired two teams.

One for doing foreign countries and another for exclusivly runs the USA.

Disneyland Paris is just a themepark as awesome as it is.

I bet Street view only went up and down main street.

Mr Truth said...
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