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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Work Here is Done (Most of it, Anyway)

For the past twenty months, I've shown you loyal readers a list of certain upcoming Street View locations from news sources and blogs all over the Internet, and I've kept a list of current locations on this blog's right sidebar. Now, Google Maps has an official Street View database where all this information can be found, along with lots of other cool stuff. I've posted a link to this site right here on the blog so it will be easier to find for visitors.

Don't worry, I'll keep you guys updated on the latest Street View buzz, but remember that Google now has a website especially for listing current and upcoming locations, so I would recommend heading over there for that information.

According to the new Street View website, cities all over Canada, Germany, and Switzerland are being photographed. That answers the question of Germany and Switzerland's privacy laws. It looks like Google has once again steered clear of those obstacles.


claudia64 said...

Actually, the information on that site is far from complete and Google says right on the site they don't list all of the countries where they're filming. It's nice to have the complete list of Germany and Switzerland towns, but per the buzz here and other places, they're filming in far more locations than they're listing. So, to me, the site is pretty much useless. I would rather have complete information. I don't understand the point to the secrecy, unless the real reason behind posting the info is simply to fulfill obligations to notify citizens in those countries (which I know both Canada and Germany require).

I appreciate the info you've posted, FlagFreak.

redleol said...

I personally think street view is the stepping stones for a much larger project and this is Google's way of getting reception from us.

Mr Comment said...

I accidently above posted the same name as the spam captcha image. opps.

Jim said...

The link is dead :(