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Friday, December 12, 2008

All Over America

After the latest "Update Tuesday", which was enormous, some news websites all over America are kind of, well, freaking out. Here are some articles from all over the Land of the Brave (or not so brave).


Anonymous said...

Funny (to me, anyway) how reactions to SV fall into three categories:

"OMG, it's creepy!"
"OMG, it's a terrorist (or predator or burglar or other horrible thing) tool"
"OMG, I love it!"

On a related note - I understand Google's tight schedule and how costly it is to wait on fair weather for their imagery. But, OTOH, my, what a difference it makes when they do. The pictures I was just viewing - near Spokane - were photographed on what looks like a sunny, spring day. When I see gloomy pictures, it's difficult to find the area I'm viewing appealing, which might not be good for real estate agents who want to use Street View to showcase a house. JMO.

FlagFreak said...

LOL! Love those categories.

TriforceofEternity said...

In response to Anoynmous:

I agree with everything you say and I wish Google will stop using cameras like it's the 80s.

Have you seen Mapjack or the possible Earth Mine Inc?

TriforceofEternity said...

Mjack has crystal clear pictures and you really feel like you are there and can reach out the window.