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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

United Kingdom in the Spring

According to Mail Online, Street View for Great Britain is planned to be released in Spring of 2009.

Google Street View vehicles have been spotted on roads in every section of Great Britain. When Street View is released for the United Kingdom, it will most likely have coverage all over the country like Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Street View for Germany has also been scheduled for Spring 2009, but there have been some very serious legal issues that will probably prevent this from happening in Germany and in Switzerland.

1 comment:

claudia64 said...

The launch of UK SV is the one location I've wanted more than anything.

The news is great but The Independent (from which this story originated) did not cite a Google source. However, other launches have been leaked without quoting sources, so this story is probably true, although one or two news sources stated The Independent is merely speculating. (Wish I could cite them here but now I can't find them.)

If the story is true, as reported by The Independent, then there will only be four UK cities at first - London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Bring 'em on, Google.