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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Street View Saves the Day

According to the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, a girl is no longer missing thanks to some Internet technology.

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Here's the story: Natalie Maltais, a nine-year-old resident of Ahtol, Massachusetts, was reported missing. Todd Neale, a police officer, decided to use some Internet technology to find Natalie's location. Here is how the technology was used:

cell phone GPS: dialed the number and tracked her cell phone
Google: searched for location, Natural Bridge, Virginia
Google Street View: found a view of the area, and found a Budget Inn that looked interesting
Google Earth imagery: used Google's satellite imagery to find the hotel

After many clues, Officer Neale guessed that Natalie was in the hotel. After some searching there, she was found.

Natalie will be with her family soon. Thank you, Street View!

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