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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Update of 2009

Good news, Street View Stuff readers! More Street View imagery has been added all over Europe: in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. You can see this for yourself at

Some interesting notes about this update:
  • Some coverage for the island of Sardinia has been added.
  • Although none or few Street View car sightings were reported there, there is Street View coverage for the Belfast area of Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom.
  • There is no coverage of The Hague in the Netherlands.
  • Some French Street View comes very close to Germany, but there is none in Germany at all. This was predicted, however; although there were reports that German Street View would be released in Spring 2009, there were also some legal issues that Germany (and Switzerland) used to prevent Google's imagery from being made available on the service.
Have fun exploring the new Views!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the United States has more extended coverage. Providence used to be the only city covered in Rhode Island I think and now the whole state is covered. When looking at the map it seems that many more areas have been covered I just don't know exactly what.

Anonymous said...

I think Australia got more coverage too.

Anonymous said...

wow...nice update.

although, once again, i'm seeing problems with areas i've been too (same with seattle, now edinburgh...what's the deal with that? lol...)

anyhow...check out the images when you pan up from here:,-3.169019&spn=0,359.983435&z=16&layer=c&cbll=55.977695,-3.168893&panoid=4t4ktLzsXbJrQLulVHo7VQ&cbp=12,68.17464996027013,,0,-27.4967616580311

gnozu said...

Yay! Finally some stuff in the UK! Scunthorpe, Norfolk countryside, and most of Aberdeenshire included too. How strange. Not what you'd think were prime candidates for a first release, but cool anyway.

claudia64 said...

Ahhh, the UK on Street View, finally! I can die happy now.

I agree that the U.S. looks like it has more coverage and like you, Anonymous No. 1, I can't quite figure out where. I wish there was an image somewhere of what it looked like before last night's updaet.

Drayeon said...

Well I decided to make an account so I wouldn't be just anonymous.

Claudia64 there is such a map from this blog. Too bad its just not real detailed . South dakota and the UP of Michigan clerly have more coverage. I still think that there are many areas on the map on that only had a highway or two covered that now have every street in the town covered. But, this makes it clear that at least some parts of US have more coverage. I still some of New Zealond and Aurailia got more coverage. Once again towns that only seemed to have highways covered now have all the side streets.

I don't have any examples to give cause I can't remember off the top of my head i'm just glad I found real proof that US street view has been expanded too.

claudia64 said...

Thanks for the link, Drayeon. Lots more So. Dakota coverage. Looks like some Montana and Idaho gaps filled in as well. I'm thinking Twin Falls (Idaho's my state) had only main roads covered but now the coverage is more complete.

We love ya, Google (at least some of us do). So, how about some Street View love for Hawaii? ;-)

Oh, and good one, FlagFreak - your predictions were nearly right on the money. I had my doubts if we'd see a March update that included UK 'cuz some blogs were predicting "late spring" (one even said "later this year"). But we got our update and it's not even spring yet.

Triforce said...

A good area that ISN'T covered in the USA is the northwest coast of washington including the towns of Aberdeen,Forks.etc

That area is a (temperate) rainforest and one of the largest and few that exist.

Quoted from Wikipedia: (Yes I am lame)

"Annual precipitation ranges from 141 to 165 inches (360 to 420 cm). (12 to 14 feet). Summers are relatively dry, but only by comparison to the rest of the year"

It's VERY VERY pretty.

Anonymous said...

YES, Triforce! wholeheartedly agree!!! the olympic peninsula loop highway is one of the most amazing parts of the country (if not the world)...truly a unique and diverse environment.

top of my wishlist for updates...

Triforce said...

Do you know The Olympic area gets almost 200inches per year of rain? (mostly in winter) That's why it's soossssssss green.

I'd LOVE to live there and experience the storms instead of the drizzly weather here near Salem Oregon.

Anonymous said...

the *best* place to experience real northwest winter storms (in addition to olympic) is in tofino, british columbia...wild coastline, incredible waves, etc.

which reminds me, when are we going to see street view for canada (esp. western canada)?

claudia64 said...

My goodness but what a fuss the British (and others in UK) are kicking up over Street View. Haven't heard a word about what they think in the Netherlands, though. Anyone read Dutch blogs and getting a sense of the reaction there? I know at least one picture was pulled from there.