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Friday, March 13, 2009

Please Don't Put My Planet on the Internet

Joal Anderson is a legislator from California. He must have heard one of the following false statements:

  • Google Earth is a crime tool.
  • Google Earth is a threat to security.
  • Blurring Google Earth imagery and Street View imagery will save us.
Because that's exactly what he's proposing with Assembly Bill 255, according to Macworld.

If passed, not only would many buildings have to be blurred out in Google Earth, the same would have to be done with Google's Street View feature.

1 comment:

TriforceofTruth said...

I've been wanting to say this for awhile and I'm gonna.

British are so Hypocritical when it comes to privacy invasion.

First they complain about Street View invading privacy yet they don't mind being videotapped in the city as there are cameras everywhere.

They can't seem to make up their minds can they? Sheesh.