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Monday, March 23, 2009

I Can't Believe it's not in Street View!

It's been a while since the last "Can or Can't" post, but after the worldwide update last week, it's time for another one!

  • Adirondack Mountains - This is a huge portion of the American state of New York, and only a few major roads go through it, but there are still plenty of nice drives to take. Why not put them on Street View for the whole world to see?
  • Hawai'i, United States - This has been on the CAN Believe it's not in Street View post before, but now it should be covered for a few reasons: Google can reach islands now (Sardegna, Italy; Japan; New Zealand), it's the only American land not in Street View yet, there aren't as many roads in Hawai'i as other US states, and Google already has imagery for the Canary Islands. Surely they can cover Hawai'i by now.
  • Olympic National Park, Washington - Street View provides imagery for beautiful national parks all over the world, but interestingly, there is no coverage for the northwest peninsula of the state of Washington. As mentioned by a few commenters of this blog, it is a beautiful region that would look excellent in Google Maps and Earth.
  • The Hague, Nederland - Only three major cities in the Netherlands have Views. The Hague is a very large city with plenty of history, and right in between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, there really shouldn't be a reason for it to be left out of the Street View feature.
  • West Coast, New Zealand - New Zealand has the most complete Street View coverage of any nation in the world. But the only part that doesn't have complete coverage is the West Coast. Why?


Anonymous said...

Canada - Supposedly, Google has already shot images of Canada's major cities. Plenty of images with blurred out faces and tags have been released in other places. Several other countries where SV would seemingly be far more controversial than Canada have already been introduced. What is Google waiting for?

Anonymous said...

USA checklist
(some have highways already)

Barrow, Alaska
Nome, Alaska
Thousand Oaks, California
Stamford, Connecticut
New London, Connecticut
Dover, Delaware
Hawaii - entire state
East St. Louis, Illinois
St. Charles, Illinois
Gary, Indiana
Hammond, Indiana
Cumberland, Maryland
Frederick, Maryland
Hagerstown, Maryland
Ocean City, Maryland
Brockton, Massachusetts
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Hannibal, Missouri
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Camden, New Jersey
Cape May, New Jersey
Binghamton, New York
Utica, New York
Youngstown, Ohio
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Reading, Pennsylvania
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
York, Pennsylvania
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
Winchester, Virginia
Morgantown, West Virginia
Weirton, West Virginia
Wheeling, West Virginia

Triforce said...

Folks The reason we never know anything all has to do with attitude. (Google's)

I wish Google had a more open attitude with their 'customers' sorta like Monte Cristo and his Cities XL blog.

I use that term loosly since we get it for free but that doesn't mean they have to sacrifce being friendly.

Triforce said...

And furthermore Google does things on Google time not customer time.

They have their own bio clocks for each person and it's probably a pain in the butt to organize everybody since they don't have it together.

For all we know they may release Canada street view in 2012 right before the end of the world when the Mayen calender runs out..............................

Annonymous says: WOW CHECK IT OUT! GOOLE HAS CANADA STREET VIE................. *end of the world happens as he types and the Streetview stuff blog is no longer available due to more then obvious reasons*

claudia64 said...

Triforce, we get Street View for free. We're not their customers but their consumers.

I don't think we can accuse them of "attitude" issues. In light of the recent hoopla over UK Street View, it's possible not announcing when and where future updates will take place is more a strategy thing and probably a good one. If privacy crusaders know when and where, they might cause trouble.

I'm a bit worried about the whole UK situation and am trying to view as much of UK as possible before one of those paranoiacs causes a state of fear and convinces someone important to take issue with Google, and the paranoiacs win.

TriforceofEternity said...

If there was going to be a lawsuit wouldn't it have been done already?

It wouldn't make sense to wait this long for someone to shut Google UK down. It would've been done on day 1 or most likely long before it even hit the consumers.

I didn't know about the word consumer.