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Monday, May 5, 2008

More Street View Cities Anyday Now

As you can see, the prediction on the right falls on today, and there aren't any new Street View cities yet. What happened with the previous prediction, March 26, is that more Street View cities came out the day after, so the prediction was quite close.

If things go properly, you should expect more Street View as soon as tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I agree they may come this week, though I have wondered if they are waiting until May 25, their one-year anniversary, which is on Sunday this year.

Some cities we may see are:
- Montgomery and/or Birmingham, AL
- Sacramento, CA
- Tallahassee, FL
- Honolulu, HI
- Des Moines, IA
- Topeka, KS
- Louisville, KY
- Lansing, MI
- Jackson, MS
- St. Louis, MO
- Omaha, NE (+Lincoln)
- Columbus, OH
- Oklahoma City, OK
- Salem, OR
- San Juan, PR
- Memphis, TN
- El Paso, TX
- Burlington, VT (+Montpelier)
- Cheyenne, WY
- Yellowstone NP

FlagFreak said...

Please don't add unsure predictions to Wikipedia. ;)

Anyway, I hope your predictions are correct, because that would mean 17 more cities in three days! :-D

FlagFreak said...

Pardon me, anonymous, I was wondering if I could use your predictions for May 25, since it's been 10 days past my predictions.