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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

South Hill Street View Sighting

The South Hill Enterprise reports a sighting of the Google Street View car in South Hill, Virginia, which is located in between Richmond and Raleigh. The newspaper contacted a Google, Inc., representative, who said that Street View imagery was still being updated in a variety of areas.

Why South Hill, Virginia? This could mean there will be quite a handful of more locations in this upcoming batch we've been waiting months for.


Scott said...

The Enterprise contacted Google first.
"After spotting the Google Maps car, with the camera on top, in the area last week, The Enterprise spoke with a representative about the company's efforts to map out South Hill.

Later a Google Inc. representative contacted The Enterprise to say that the Google Maps team was continuing their efforts to collect imagery for its Street View feature in a variety of areas."

Google did not confirm they were working the area, nor did they deny it. For all we know they were just passing through the area and stopped for gas or lunch.

FlagFreak said...

Thanks, Scott. I've updated the post now.