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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Upcoming Street View on Google Maps

The above link will take you to a Google My Map of the upcoming Street View locations, provided by Street View Stuff's new widget on the right sidebar. If you'd prefer a smaller URL, you can use


Anonymous said...

With the most recent introduction being in late March, just 6 weeks after the previous one, I had assumed that it would be about 6 more weeks until the following introductions. But then came early May - no new cities. Then, the next week, then the anniversary. Still no new cities.

Now, I believe the next introductions will come on Wednesday or Thursday the second week in June. That's when they were in February, and that's when they should have come in April, though probably, Google was ready sooner, so they released them sooner.

The ones in June should be more and better than before. They may even include some places outside the US. I have a feeling, given that Manhattan views were already improved, that the whole NYC area will be improved, and include most of northern Jersey, Long Island, the Connecticut panhandle, and the lower part of upstate New York, not to mention every street in all 5 boroughs. The same has been done for the nation's next two largest cities, LA and Chicago.

FlagFreak said...

You know, maybe they're waiting so long for these Street Views possibly because they're running them all through the face-blurrer? Anyway, thank you for your ideas. I will now update the predictions.

Jack said...

I think street view is comming to Morgantown, West Virginia and Weeling, wv

FlagFreak said...

:-O Really, Jack? How do you know?

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