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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Predictions Updated

Along with each of my math-based predictions is an alternate set. The predictions on the right sidebar have been updated to the alternate set, although there will probably be more than 7 locations.

It usually takes Google an average of four days per Street View location.


Anonymous said...

Here are my predictions now (17 of these locations):

*Montgomery, AL
*Flagstaff, AZ
*Sacramento, CA
*Tallahassee, FL
*Honolulu, HI
*Des Moines, IA
*Topeka, KS
*Louisville, KY
*Lansing, MI
*Jackson, MS
*St. Louis, MO
*Helena, MT
*Omaha, NE
*Columbus, OH
*Oklahoma City, OK
*Salem, OR
*San Juan, PR
*Charleston, SC
*Memphis, TN
*El Paso, TX
*Burlington, VT
*Cheyenne, WY
*Yellowstone NP

FlagFreak said...

Anonymous, what day do you predict they will be released? For this next batch of Street View, your predictions have been more accurate than mine, so I'd like to know your thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

This is just based on logic of what I have seen in the past; lots of state capitals, lots of medium-sized cities, skipping over very large cities you would think should have been there already (like Washington, Baltimore, Atlanta, Seattle, etc.)

I assumed there would be a new release early in May (I think we all did), but now it is almost Memorial Day, and there has been none, so May 25 (the anniversary) or the second week of June seems more likely.

FlagFreak said...

Okay, thx. Hopefully these predictions are accurate, since we've ben waiting for quite some time now.

Streetviewbeauty neo said...

yes all of these are now available