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Monday, June 9, 2008

14 New Street View Locations!

After a long wait, our patience has finally paid off, because today, fourteen new Street View locations are available, and the current locations have been greatly updated. The new locations are:

  1. Sacramento, CA
  2. Fresno, CA
  3. Yellowstone National Park, WY
  4. Oklahoma City, OK
  5. St Louis, MO
  6. Jackson, MS
  7. Louisville, KY
  8. Atlanta, GA
  9. Columbus, OH
  10. Jacksonville, FL
  11. Columbia, SC
  12. Charlotte, NC
  13. Buffalo, NY
  14. Virginia Beach, VA

However, these aren't the only new locations. According to Google LatLong, the actual number of new areas is 37! Thank you so much for the huge surprise, Google! We're loving the new Street View!

New features include:

  • The camera icons for many cities are not displayed; only the main area is.
  • The Street View car has been digitally removed.
  • All imagery has been run through the Street View Face Blurrer.

It is too wonderful to describe in words: Check it out for yourself on Google Maps!

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Old Faithful Inn, Old Faithful, Wyoming

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Though I have done it anonymously, I have made a lot of the predictions that have been posted on this site. Though only 14 new icons were added this time, there have actually been many more major cities that have joined SV, and our predictions are pretty much on target. Some that we predicted accurately (with or without an icon) are:

-Sacramento, CA
-Topeka, KS
-Louisville, KY
-Jackson, MS
-St. Louis, MO
-Omaha & Lincoln, NE
-Columbus, OH
-Oklahoma City, OK
-Salem, OR
-Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Also, as I predicted, the New York icon was expanded into surrounding parts of NJ and CT.

At the same time, as I predicted, neither Baltimore nor Washington were added.

Given the amount of new area included, it is possible that all other urban areas in the United States will be added by the end of 2008.

Only 4 cities that have major league baseball teams don't have SV now: Baltimore, Washington, Seattle, and Toronto (though I haven't checked if all stadiums in other places are actually included).

Some possible areas of the US to be included next time (perhaps in August) with or without an icon are:

-Montgomery, AL (maybe with Birmingham)
-Flagstaff, AZ (w/ Grand Canyon Nat'l Park)
-Tallahassee, FL
-Savannah, GA
-Honolulu, HI
-Springfield, IL
-Wichita, KS
-Shreveport, LA
-Augusta, ME
-Lansing & Grand Rapids, MI
-Jefferson City, MO (and other parts of central MO)
-Helena & Butte, MT
-Concord, NH
-Atlantic City, NJ (and other areas near NJ shore)
-Fargo & Grand Forks, ND
-Eugene, OR
-Charleston, SC
-Rapid City, SD (w/ Mt. Rushmore)
-Memphis, TN
-El Paso, TX
-Burlington & Montpelier, VT
-Winchester, VA (& Shenandoah Nat'l Park)
-Charleston, WV
-Green Bay, WI
-Cheyenne & Casper, WY