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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Seriously, now, give them a break!

Yesterday, the town of North Oaks, Minnesota, requested that their Street Views be removed because the streets were all private. Google removed them immediately.

Unfortunately, this trivial matter has been lately commented on in blogs throughout the Internet. Check out some of these post titles:

"Minnesota Community Gives Google Street View The Boot"
"Minnesota town tells Google Maps to get lost"

"Minnesota Town Tells Google Maps: Keep out - We Mean It!"
"Camera Shy Minnesota Town Bans Google Maps Street View"

Only Pulse 2.0 had an appropriate title for the event: "North Oaks, Minnesota, Wanted Photos Of Their City Off Google Maps Street View; Google Fixes The Problem Quickly"

So why are so many people exaggerating this issue? Well, it could be because of Boring people. None of the first four titles are appropriate because North Oaks was not rude in any way towards Google, and they were not camera shy; their reason was perfectly legitimate: The roadsin the town were private.

Seriously, guys, give them a break!

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