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Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Can't Believe it's not in Street View!

  • Seattle, Washington - Yes, it's Microsoft City, but with Seattle's unique culture and architecture, who wouldn't want to tour it?
  • Atlanta, Georgia - This capital of Georgia is one of the largest cities in the South, and home to numerous stadiums and arenas.
  • St Louis, Missouri - A possible reason for the delay in St Louis's Street View is the high crime rate there, where people would possibly find amusing images. However, downtown is definitely a sight to see, with its hotels, courthouses, and the famous Gateway Arch.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio - Rich history and rich neighborhoods. We've also been dying to drive over all those amazing bridges!
  • Sacramento, California - It's the capital of California, and would complete the Street View collection of California large cities, along with Fresno.
  • Oklahoma City & Tulsa, Oklahoma - When Oklahoma City is shown on Street View, Tulsa will most likely be included, since the same thing was done with other central-state cities like Indianapolis and Albuquerque. Oklahoma City and Tulsa have nice quaint downtown centers, and the real estate would be nice to see online.

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