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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Possible Future 3D Street View

Remember those Italian Street View vehicles? Those cameras on top of the car(s) were noticed to include devices resembling SICK Laser Measurement Sensors, which would provide Google with 3D Street View technology, for future use in Google Earth.
As to whether this is true or not is currently unknown, but it would become quite tedious if Google had to remove each of the obstructions that are seen in Street View, such as this UPS truck blocking users' Street View of the Old North Church in Boston:

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Further down on the list of obstructions which would possibly have to be removed? Trees, people, bicycles, signs, telephone poles, mailboxes, fences, fire hydrants, lights, random poles, trashcans, etc. Also, depending on the detail of this 3D information, Google Earth users will either have to have a very high-performance computer, or spend quite a while waiting for 3D stuff to load, only to be disappointed by Google Earth crashing because of an overload of information and/or errors.
If these 3D Street View rumors are true, expect an amazing update of Google Earth when it comes out.

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Anonymous said...

My street view of the new cities, Savannah, Mobile, New Orleanes, etc. will not work is this a problem for everyone?