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Saturday, April 12, 2008

YouTube Street View Karaoke

On YouTube, there is a Google karaoke video starring Street View Guy singing a Street View song. The song came out in October 2007 when Google added Chicago, Portland, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Tucson, and Philadelphia.

The video description reads,

To make your own Street View video, right-click and download this free MP3:

Reply with a video response for a chance to be featured as a YouTube
karaoke star!

Bonus points go to those with the catchiest Street View lyrics and

It's been about half a year since the video was posted, and there are currently no video responses, so the contest is still open! The lyrics to Google's version of the song were:

Street View! Find a place to park in Chicago
Street View! Look at all those streets in Portland
Street View! It's good for seein' new neighborhoods
Pittsburgh! You'll look virtual, Pittsburgh
Street View is an awesome feature in Google Maps
You can zoom around and see lots of cool stuff
Street View! The streets are really hot in Phoenix
Street View! It's also hot in Tucson
Cheesesteaks! Tour the City of Brotherly Love
Street View! So much street to view!

Google would love to see your videos, so get that MP3 and go nuts.

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