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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Street View Directions

On Google Maps, you can now use Street View for your directions, an idea that has been popularized on YouTube.

On Google Maps, ask for directions located in a Street View covered city (see full list on the right sidebar) and when directions come up, you'll see a few camera icons next to some steps. Clicking one of these icons will show you the Street View for that step. The Street View will look familiar, but the differences are that the yellow bar which shows the name of the street is blue for directions, and a large white arrow will appear in the direction of your directions. Following this arrow will take you on a virtual drive through your directions.

Above the image are instructions you are virtually "following". Also, two more options are available on top of the Street View image. These will speed up your drive. Clicking Prev Step will take you back a step, and clicking Next Step will take you forward a step.

This is very useful for previewing roads you have never driven on before, therefore giving you a better chance of not getting lost, especially handy in complicated cities such as Denver, Raleigh, and Santa Fe.

So you're sure not to get lost, use the new Google Maps Street View Directions feature.


colorknit said...

Here are my comments on these 13 locations. But first, I have to say that I think it'll be more than 13 next time, because this number has been growing. The 13 was 12 cities+1 park. I am expecting at least 15 cities, plus 1-2 parks next time.

*Atlanta, Georgia - I have read on Wikipedia (unverified) that there may be security issues that have delayed this city. At the same time, Atlanta is a capital, so it may come, following Google's trend of capitals.

Baltimore, Maryland - I live in Baltimore, and I have a gut feeling Baltimore is a long time off, just like DC seems to be. Here is this area, we are seen as losers by the rest of the world. We have losing sports teams most of the time, besides other things.

Charlotte, North Carolina - Likewise, I have read on Wikipedia that there may be security concerns. But this may be a rumor. At the same time, I do think Charlotte is a possibility.

Columbus, Ohio - Columbus seems very likely soon. It is a capital, and has the third highest population of all US capitals (Phoenix and Indianpolis are 1 and 2, and they are SVed already)

El Paso, Texas - I think it is coming soon. Google has quickly been adding those Texas cities.

Jacksonville, Florida - Another place I read on Wikipedia has been delayed out of security concerns

Lexington, Kentucky - Actually, nearby Louisville is the main city in this area, and if this area comes at all, it'll be the one to get the icon. Frankfort, the capital city, should also be included.

Memphis, Tennessee - I agree. Nashville shows they are making their way into Tennessee.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - I agree. It is a capital. And I am surprised it did not come recently.

Plantation, Florida - Not a well-known city, compared to others in Jacksonville. I think they will add Tallahassee next, being the capital. Key West may also come, along with Sarasota, Ft. Myers, and an expansion of Miami to Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

Seattle, Washington - Mentioned on Wikipedia for security concerns. I actually think it'll come much later, along with Tacoma and Olympia, but Salem, Oregon, will come soon, being a capital, with the area between Portland and Salem included.

Springfield, Missouri - Actually, Jefferson City, being the capital, will be the main city for central MO, with other cities being included. St. Louis should also come soon, being a major city.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - Yes, it should come. Also Grand Canyon NP and Lake Tahoe(now on MapJack). Cheyenne and Casper, WY may also come soon.

Other cities I think may come soon (in the next 1-2 releases):

Montgomery, AL
Birmingham, AL
Sacramento, CA
Honolulu, HA
Des Moines, IA
Topeka, KS
Baton Rouge, LA (But not New Orleans for a long time)
Lansing, MI
Jackson, MS
Helena, MT (+Butte)
Omaha, NE (+Lincoln)
Cincinnati, OH
Toledo, OH (as an extension to Cleveland and Detroit)
Columbia, SC
Charleston, SC or WV

Also, San Juan, PR (Puerto Rico is just as much the USA as the 50 states and therefore bound by the same laws with filming)

colorknit said...
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FlagFreak said...

Thanks for the comments. Note that anyone can edit Wikipedia, but there's an anonymous revision that can be seen on the talk page. If their prediction turns out correct, I'll try to contact them. The IP lived in Baltimore (hmmm...)

Montgomery, AL - Absolutely
Birmingham, AL - Not so much
Sacramento, CA - TOTALLY!
Honolulu, HA - Probably (it's HI, not HA)
Des Moines, IA - Probably not
Topeka, KS - Hopefully
Baton Rouge, LA (But not New Orleans for a long time) - LOL but no
Lansing, MI - Yep
Jackson, MS - Nope
Helena, MT (+Butte) - Nuh-uh
Omaha, NE (+Lincoln) - Uh-huh!
Cincinnati, OH - Yes, please
Toledo, OH (as an extension to Cleveland and Detroit) - Not so likely
Columbia, SC - Maybe
Charleston, SC or WV - Yes and yes