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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Street View released in Google Earth 4.3

Yesterday, Google Earth 4.3 was released, and it came with a bunch of great features, including a sun control, faster loading of buildings, new camera features, and you can read about these at, but you want to know about Street View, right? Well, they've added that, too!

To use Street View in Google Earth, check the Street View layer and wait for the yellow camera icons to appear. Double-click one of these, and Google Earth will zoom in to that location, and then you'll see a very shiny sphere on the ground. Google Earth will take you inside that sphere to see the Street View.

To look at the Street View, there are a few differences between Google Earth and Google Maps. First, when you press the up or down buttons, it will move the camera up or down, not drive you down the street. To drive down the street, double-click another camera icon. To zoom in and out,scroll the mouse wheel (if you have one) up and down. You can also double-click as usual to zoom in, but there is no Zoom Out button like on Google Maps, so you'll have to use the Zoom control on the top right.

You will see a control like the one above. The image in the middle of the arrows shows you a 2D version of the 3D panorama you are viewing. Clicking any of the buttons around it will move the little white box (your current view) around the Street View. You can also drag the white box. The + and - slider zooms your camera in and out, making your view and the little white box bigger or larger. Hovering over the little camera will display the control if it is not currently displayed. The Exit Photo button takes you out of Street View and back into normal Google Earth.

Street View Guy is still there! Yay!

Thank you very much, Google. We love it!

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