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Monday, November 3, 2008

Expecting Tuesdays

A past updates gadget has been added to the blog's right sidebar. I looked into the days of the week of these past locations, and I found the following information about updates and the days of the week:

Sunday: 0 updates
Monday: 3 updates
Tuesday: 5 updates
Wednesday: 2 updates
Thursday: 0 updates
Friday: 2 updates
Saturday: 0 updates

So far, Street View coverage has never been updated on a Sunday or Saturday, which is explainable. But what about most updates occurring on Tuesday? That's worth looking into.


Anonymous said...

what happened to the U.S. predictions (seattle, etc.)?

Aaron said...

I saw a google street car in the Blaine, MN area last week, so I wonder if they're going to be adding on in this area. (My street hadn't been previously mapped)

claudia64 said...

Well, Tuesday is the day for updates again! Washington DC, Seattle and Baltimore have all gone live.