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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why the Long Wait?

In October, Google was updating Street View faster than I could blog. Of course, this had an affect on the blog's predictions, which are now currently set at November 12, which comes fourteen days after the last update.

However, it's now November 29, and there has been no sign of adding more Street View locations to the map.

Could it possibly have something to do with the winter weather or Christmas decorations? Although it might not, since Santa Fe, New Mexico's Street Views were taken during winter weather.

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By the way, decorating buildings with paper bags on top is a Christmas tradition in New Mexico.
It's called luminarias, taken from the Spanish.

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claudia64 said...

New Zealand has been launched, according to this (and other) article(s):

I haven't been able to see it yet, but it's apparently not available to anyone for whom it is not yet December 2nd. I'm excited because it sounds like most of the country was photographed, like Australia, and not just the big cities.