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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Can't Believe it's Not in Street View!

Two words:

  • Memphis, Tennessee


Anonymous said...

More than just two words:
-Montgomery, Alabama
-Birmingham, Alabama
-Flagstaff, Arizona
-Aspen, Colorado
-New Haven, Connecticut
-Dover, Delaware
-Ocala, Florida
-Tallahassee, Florida
-Macon, Georgia
-Honolulu, Hawaii
-Idaho Falls, Idaho
-Ft. Wayne, Indiana
-Bowling Green, Kentucky
-Frankfort, Kentucky
-Augusta, Maine
-Bangor, Maine
-Portland, Maine
-Cumberland, Maryland
-Hagerstown, Maryland
-Ocean City, Maryland
-Cape Cod, Massachusetts
-Flint, Michigan
-Sault St. Marie, Michigan
-Duluth, Minnesota
-Rochester, Minnesota
-Columbia, Missouri
-Jefferson City, Missouri
-Butte, Montana
-Helena, Montana
-Concord, New Hampshire
-Atlantic City, New Jersey
-Binghamton, New York
-Asheville, North Carolina
-Wilmington, North Carolina
-Bismarck, North Dakota
-Fargo, North Dakota
-Grand Forks, North Dakota
-Allentown, Pennsylvania
-Erie, Pennsylvania
-Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
-Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
-Lancaster, Pennsylvania
-Reading, Pennsylvania
-Scranton, Pennsylvania
-York, Pennsylvania
-San Juan, Peurto Rico
-Newport, Rhode Island
-Charleston, South Carolina
-Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
-Rapid City, South Dakota
-Burlington, Vermont
-Montpelier, Vermont
-Charlottesville, Virginia
-Harrisonburg, Virginia
-Lynchburg, Virginia
-Roanoke, Virginia
-Shenandoah National Park
-Winchester, Virginia
-Charleston, West Virginia
-Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
-Morgantown, West Virginia
-Wheeling, West Virginia
-Casper, Wyoming
-Cheyenne, Wyoming

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, we'll see these cities soon. Being a Street View addict, I check the map frequently to see if any cameras show up in those states which, so far, have none - the Dakotas, Maine, etc.

Hey, Google - I'll photograph Honolulu for ya for free; just provide my transpo and rooming. ;-)

FlagFreak said...

Oh, those are just the itty-bitty towns. Memphis is HUGE! It's the last HUGE one that's not in Street View yet.

TriforceofTime (insert clock noise here) said...

I still am waiting for the cameras to go north of Gridley as I used to live in Various towns of Northern Cali.

I want them to go North up to Redding and connect East to Portola but I will wait the 5 extra years for it.

Anonymous I don't blame you for what you posted.

Brittany P. Sventon said...

They've covered Augusta, Columbus, and Savannah in Georgia. The Atlanta metro area is covered almost to Athens.

Anonymous said...

southeastern massachusetts??

i wanna see my house!

Anonymous said...

Add Shreveport, Monroe, Lake Charles, and Lafayette, Louisiana to that list!