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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Which Weird Websites?

Google Street View's main purpose is to serve as a map guide. However, some people have found some pretty funny stuff on the imagery. For example, the group of police cars on Felix Street in Providence, Rhode Island, and the local tire shop in Australia which the Street View camera recorded. Haha!

There are hundreds of these funny things, the funniest usually removed by Google because they are often questionable. But which websites are the best places to find these? Let's do a comparison.

The two most visited websites made especially for these Street Views are the heavily-advertised Google Street View Gallery at coRank, and the blog-style StreetViewFun at WordPress. Both of these are free to view, but you must join the website to submit a sighting. StreetViewFun is slightly more updated than the Street View Gallery, but the Street View Gallery has more members. Both of these websites contain inappropriate images, unfortunately.

I would recommend searching for the funny views yourself. It's a much coolerexperience when you find a good one. Then submit it to a clean blog like Google Maps Mania or Street View Stuff.

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